Saturday, June 30, 2007

It's Our Business

was simpler than now.
listening to bands
volume up loud
walk outside
a sunny
today. I'm a venture capitalist our businesses just broke par. You have yours and I have mine. Filled with workers writing writs in side of I, in side. I know in side that if we would have merged. Two becomes one. Us becomes me we'd have a monopoly over everything. 

Friday, June 29, 2007

vis medicatirx naurae

i am wolverine
i am wishing
that a soldiers wounds could be healed by karma points
and the scab on my elbow would go away.

i care

the color of tiy r beaytufpyk eyes i dont fyckng care.
how hout is it gtoday i dont fuacking care.
dwhat timed id you gaewr up today i dont fucking care
what you think of at night i dont fucking care.
sdkwhas the eye scream man selling outsside i dont gucking care.
qithat you tinki about me.s i dont fucking carew.
nobody really cares except for jon and daniel and michael and sara and william and britney and adahar and nick and kyle and carrie and carmichael brian billy and psychics. 

Thursday, June 28, 2007


This blog is from my phone. I am still at home. But I'm sending this through the spirits and its reaching your eyes. From my brain to my fingers to the keys through the air in infinite directions (a process which to this day I do not understand) then to the nearest tower which captures them through wires and fibers and whatnot stored in some techno gizmo then called upon by you. You. You freed this message from its electron prison. So that it could shine on your LCDplasmatube screen. Feel accomplished.

This blog should have been from my phone but it wasn't because of a feature that splits up messages and fucks with the GO@BLOGGER.COM interface. Technology is so great, but it's not.


When I acquire all of this shit. It piles up. And it clutters. And I forget about it.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I am stuck underneath a rock. She will not let me out. I'm pushing up from underneath but it won't budge and she won't help. Everyones on the same boat, in the same boat. The weight keeps me from using my olympian muscles. My hands of god. If there was not a single person in the boat I would leap from my cage and bound across the world. I would display my perfect body. I would reveal my superior intellect. I would crush buildings because I could. I would. Believe me. I speak the truth. But for now I'm embarrassed.