Tuesday, July 24, 2007


there's a time i regret and i cant stop thinking about it
its like i get
a feeling
come up from the depths of my gut
till times up
so i can up chuck
on the decision to be made
leavin a mess to be cleaned
and in the chaos of things my mind gets fucked
like i'm drugged up
or something
so in the end
i'm left
feelin like i dont know where ive been
'cause before
i felt like i was alive then
but now all i can do
is give an endearing little grin

Friday, July 20, 2007

Avi and I

were doing this for fun. but also not for fun. were doing it for the obvious reasons. thats why were doing it. its sophisticated and satisfying.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

May Cause Dizziness Do Not Operate Heavy Machinery

the holes in my mouth.
the blood in my mouth.
the teeth in my mouth.
the pressure i feel against my temples
the pills
when the sweat doesnt come out of my pores and it should
when i want more i end up getting less when i lose more
how i feel when i dance to bad music
when i look at my self in the mirror but i dont
or how i feel when i look at the boat
when i met her
she made me feel that way
the shoes i wore then
and before then
thursday in the car when i couldnt see
and now how i feel
and the girl that i love
that doesnt know i love her
and every time i look at a screen
when i look for too long
what my teeth think about me when i dont brush them
when the blinds shake but theyre not
how i feel now
now how i feel
not real
or when i moved
or when i _loved
when i ___________read i always want to fall asleep
when i thought i was dead
when i said i like the _rain
then when i said it __again
or now with the feeling in my throat
the one i get when ive been on a liquid diet for three days after loosing all of my wisdom


but mostly the girl i love
that doesnt know i love her

Sunday, July 1, 2007


oh my god
they took it